Series Overview


The Starabella series consists of 3 fully narrated audio/picture books with music for children ages 2-8.

Boys and girls and the adults who care for them, join the stories’ heroine Starabella on a beautifully illustrated, magical, musical, journey to a BRIGHT NEW WORLD of empathy and acceptance.

Starabella – a courageous little girl with learning differences  – expresses her thoughts and feelings through beautiful music. When she’s happy, her eyes shine like stars!

Sharon Fialco, the author, based Starabella on the childhood music and experiences of her daughter Tara who deals with autism. Tara composed and performs on piano and keyboard 17 of the 22 series’ songs and melodies. Tara’s sister Dana composed additional music, narrates the stories and sings most of the songs. The combined music of the two sisters is enchanting and inspirational.

Book One, “Starabella: Mystery Girl of Music” features Starabella at home. Book Two, “Starabella: New Adventures and Mixed Emotions” features Starabella in thecommunity. Book Three, “Starabella: Welcome to a Bright New World” features Starabella at school.

In Books One and Two, children who listen to and view the Starabella stories will be inspired by Starabella’s example of acceptance of self, and her determination to overcome obstacles to reach for her dreams. They feel compassion for her extra challenges, root for her to reach her goals, and gain understanding of her emotions through her music.

Book Three deals with the issues of acceptance of differences, and offers a unique approach to dealing with bullying. The story is interactive. With the help of a “Magical Mirror” on the inside cover of the back of the book, children reading/listening at home or at school send their “friendly” thoughts to help the diverse children in Starabella’s class create a socially sensitive classroom “family” where everyone is valued. Starabella, through her special connection to the stars and the goodness inside her, magically transforms into a Kindergarten Rock Star. Singing the uplifting rock song, “Follow Me” she leads her classmates and children reading/listening to a BRIGHT NEW WORLD where children play and get along and are accepted for exactly who they are.

The story of Starabella speaks directly to the place in everyone that yearns for acceptance and understanding. Together we can create the world of our dreams. So, GET READY TO ROCK!” Starabella is leading the way. Your   eyes will shine like stars!