♥”Human creation is never perfect, and to want to be just like everyone else ignores the person you are.  Starabella teaches many things, especially self-esteem, which almost always results in respect and kindness for others.  I wish I had this book to share with my son when he was a child.”
Ed Asner – Famous Actor, Loving Dad

Starabella Book 3
Charlotte and Nikko– a note from their mom: “We heard from Charlotte’s mom about her love of books 1 & 2. She now tells about her son Nikko, a boy who likes video games more than books, about how much he was engrossed with Starabella book 3.” Click here to read the letter.

Starabella Books 1&2
“Charlotte absolutely loves Starabella! She even sleeps with the first book! She says that she loves to hear about Starabella’s adventures. We really enjoyed the stories and learning the new songs. Of course, we sing along! Other than Starabella, Kitten Kaboodle is a favorite character of Charlotte’s. We just so happen to have two cats that look very similar. Charlotte says, “Starabella and Kitten Kaboodle are wonderful together.” She also now responds with, “It’s a mystery”, when we don’t know the answer to a question. Haha.
It is so different, yet refreshing reading about a child character’s emotions in a children’s story. It’s reality. The kids are learning about real emotions and sometimes emotions can be deep, dark, confusing. This is a part of life. They’re also learning that if we are going through things, there are others that have experienced the same. We are not alone. I think they are great. You did a beautiful job writing these books. The music is so fun. Your family really did a great job. We are big fans of Starabella and the Fialco family in my house!”
 –Starabella fan, Beautiful Charlotte, a note from her mom, Jennifer

♥”All I can say is WOW!  The goodness that your family is sharing with the world with Starabella is absolutely overwhelming!!!  “My eyes are shining like stars” after experiencing Starabella….I’m beyond full …of good feelings, hope & happiness!  WOW!  What a gift you give the world with Tara’s awe inspiring story and artistic gift….Dana’s soulful & lovely sharing of song … AND all of this made possible by the generous nurturing of you three.  As loving parents of your two gorgeous daughters, and as people willing to take the risk to open your lives to others, you’ve gifted the entire world with messages of goodness and love.  Your family is a light and an inspiration on so many levels especially when our world is overflowing with trouble, tragedy and antipathy. Your family’s work is a beacon of goodness, hope and love!  WOW!  The song “A New Beginning” is pure joy and, as they say in the islands, gives me chicken skin!”

You know, I really think that the Starabella series’ target audience is the whole human family!!!! Aloha From Hawaii”
Cori Hamilton, Loving Mom

♥Sharon, may your bright light continue to be a beacon of positivity for the darkness in this world. What a fortunate group of people we are to be sharing this time on earth with you. Best wishes to you and your amazing family for all you do and for allowing us to “Fly in a Dream of Happiness.”
Lou Melgarejo, loving father of three whose eldest has autism spectrum disorder. Creator behind the video “Fixing Autism” and Lou’s Land, an autism blog. 

♥”Our daughter has always been drawn to books, but it has been incredible to see her enchantment with Starabella. As soon as we buckle her into her car seat she declares, “I want Starabella book and CD!” She has memorized the story and lyrics and joyfully recites them along with the CD. Starabella will be at the top of our gift list this holiday season. Thank you, Fialcos for bringing Starabella into our family! It’s all heartfelt and true…”
Nate and Leah Lamkin, Loving Parents 

♥ More “Bliing!!!” “Bliing!!!” “Bliing!!!” from Louisa: My niece Louisa is very bright and precocious. She has also been ‘Starabella’ for the last 2 days! I called her “Louisa” today on the phone and she said, “NO, I’m ‘Starabella’ today!” My sister said she was in her room acting out the whole book starting with the part she’s not supposed to, “baby, baby!” but then went through the rest of the book! It’s such a HUGE compliment that with all the other books, toys etc. around that yours has been and remains her favorite!!! I hope you and your family are well. Thank you for being such a blessing to many! Love, Inspiration and Blessings.”
Kirstin Leigh – Loving Aunt

♥”Hello Fialco family. It has been a true blessing to have met you at the Annual Autism NJ conference last week. My 7-year old daughter Hannah and I just finished reading the books and listening to the audio Cds together. Hannah’s face lit up and she started swaying to the music while my eyes filled with tears with the message that these publications conveyed to my mind, heart and soul.

Thank you so very much for these wonderful creations-what a beautiful way to explain to children and adults alike Hannah’s little “mysteries”-I can’t wait to start sharing these books and Cds with everyone in our lives. Best wishes to all of you always.”
Honey Bermeo, Loving Mom

♥“I want to thank you so much for giving my son Yair the Starabella books and audio. He loves sitting with each book and following along with the audio narrative. The music is beautifully orchestrated, and the stories are easy to follow along. The message of each story is positive and full of love. When my Son listens to the stories it seems as if he is carried away to a different world. One time my Son’s friend wanted to borrow one of the books for a night and he refused, because of his strong attachment to them. Thank you for enriching my Son’s education and enjoyment.”
Chana and Chaim Nesser, Loving Parents 

♥”Our kids just LOVE LOVE LOVE Starabella…Want to know how much? They want to name the new baby ‘Starabella’(!)…My son named his new stuffed animal Beary Jeremy. The Jeremy character comes from the 3rd book of Starabella.”
Elice Bui – Loving Mom 

♥”I can’t tell you how impressed I was with Book Three, Welcome to a Bright New World. I listened to the CD and loved every minute. The illustrations are marvelous and the story is perfect for kids in school.”
Joan Katz, Loving Grandmother

♥”Hi Sharon, My granddaughter Caya received the entire series, three Starabella Audio/Picture Books not long after they were released. Caya absolutely loves ‘Starabella’ and even after some time, it’s still a “go-to” selection for her! There is something very personal and empowering in the stories that speaks to her.”
Andrew Fitzsimmons, Proud, Loving Granddad

♥”Book Two of the Starabella series – “Starabella: New Adventures and Mixed Emotions.” Beyond encouraging understanding and care for others, this book also is all about imagination, self-expression, and dreaming – a little bit like what childhood itself should be.”
Rivka Kiwano, Loving Mom of three adorable children 

♥”Guess what we listen to, sing, and “read” every time we’re in the car? Oh, and Natalia has renamed her Cabbage Patch Kid Starabella.

If you are an educator, have kids, or have friends with kids, please check out the Starabella book and music series created by my friend Dana Fialco and her family. This series, which features a young girl with learning differences who finds herself in music, celebrates difference in many forms. Natalia has clearly found a friend in “Starry.”
Amy Reichbach – Loving Mom