♥You have presented “Starabella” in a fairytale style book.  Just like Cinderella there is a great deal to learn about the personalities in the story, human behavior and emotions and how good can outweigh evil.
Judith Omidvaran, Autism Parent/Advocate, Member of the Westchester Autism Advisory Committee, Autism Spectrum News Editorial Board Member

♥I want to give out a shout out to Sharon Fialco and her beautiful Starabella books. I hope you take time to read why. A while back I had the pleasure to read and review this triple set of books w/cd’s. Because the books deal with autism I passed them on to my sister who has triplet grandchildren, one of whom, Alyssa, struggles with autism. The 1st call I received was from my sister who was impressed with the great workmanship and time that went into the books. The 2nd call was to let me know that the books were a success and a young girl who struggles with day to day things now has a mile wide smile and although unable to read can memorize the lovely stories. As an added plus this young girl’s special talent is perfect pitch, so what a splendid and beautiful thing to have the CD’s for her with their lovely songs with their catchy tunes. Thank you so much Sharon for sharing your story and passing hope along. If I could I would give the books 500 stars!
Pamela Winn, well-read author in many genres (P.S. Winn)

♥Unique. Engaging. Heart-Warming. Relevant. Needed.

“These are just a few words that come to mind when I think about the exceptional Starabella book series… I’ve never experienced anything like the Starabella book series… Experiencing these books appeals to your visual, auditory, and emotional senses… Starabella beautifully personifies autism and allows us to enter the world of a young girl with high functioning autism…It creates a visceral reaction of hope and promise…The Starabella books are as much for families affected by autism as they are for those who do not have first-hand experience with autism… If you are interested in sharing the beliefs of being kind to one another, Starabella naturally provides the perfect platform to teach the concepts of empathy, inclusion and anti-bullying.”
Kimberly Scanlon of Scanlon Speech Therapy, Author of My Toddler Talks Read the complete review

♥”If this series was used in every classroom the possibilities of sensitizing children to differences could be profound. This series is a perfect introduction to an adventure that every child will love and remember!

This series is magical and is a fabulous tool to educate young children. It is a happy journey for teachers and parents to teach about diversity, disability and helps with anti-bullying.”
Susan M. Cortilet-Jones, MS, LMHC, Life Skills and College Coaching, Discovering Your World 

♥”The first thing you need to know about this remarkable series of books is how fun it is for kids of all ages to listen and interact with. It is hard to describe the initial reaction my kids (six and three) had when they opened the colorful and brilliantly illustrated books. After placing the CD in our stereo…the kids sat down with the book in their laps patiently waiting for what was 30 minutes of radio theater quality production. They were riveted…and so will you and your children as well.”
Tim Villegas – Husband and Father/Educator/Believer/Advocate/ Tim promotes his ideas about inclusive schools and communities into his own website: Think Inclusive 

♥”As a Speech-Language Pathologist of 18 years, I have had the opportunity to work with many children on the Autism Spectrum. This book series, with its accompanying CDs depicts an accurate portrait of an Autistic child. Not only is it an accurate portrayal, but it is presented in a way that families can relate to and easily understand. Children, especially siblings of Autistic children, will enjoy the wonderful illustrations and fun, “catchy” songs. I especially enjoyed the song “Ta Da” and find myself singing and humming it often. It has a powerful and cheerful message, and is also a great deal of fun.

♥”Everyone will enjoy the triumphs and tribulations of the Oclaif family. I strongly recommend this series to families, friends and teachers of Autistic children, you will truly enjoy and learn from it. Acceptance and understanding is the key to a happy Autistic child. To the Fialco and “Oclaif” family…Ta Da!!!!! Great job!!!!”
Melissa A. Gilheeney, M.S., CCC/SLP /Speech-Language Pathologist 

♥”Powerfully written and exceptionally illustrated, these books help teach children with and without autism, as well as their families, that when we learn to accept and not scorn the differences between us all, we create a world where everyone, regardless of background and abilities, is a wonderful and powerful voice in the universe….My own sister has worked with children with autism for nearly 15 years, and she has told me that a series such as this has the power not only to help children and families, but really serve as a beacon of light that will let us all see that even if you can’t visually perceive differences among people, understanding and acceptance will help create a “Bright New World”, hopefully better than the one in which we live.”
Dr. Stephen Gilheeney, Pediatric Neuro-Oncologist 

♥”I received the books and audio and absolutely love them!  The books are beautifully illustrated, the songs are wonderful (with amazing voices!), and the stories will surely keep kids interested with great lessons learned through discussion and visuals.”
Debbie Singer, Owner Autism Educators/Teacher Brower County Public Schools 

♥”We graciously recieved the starabella books as donations during christmas and found several familes we work with who could use them the most. The mothers were very happy with the gifts as they not only engaged the children academically but also through art. Many mothers spoke about their children singing the songs and having fun learning to read while listening to the music. They were thrilled to obtain such valuable gifts that not only engaged children’s minds but also, it seems, their souls”
Pamela Ossona Intake / F.E.T. Coordinator /Mercy Drive, Inc. 

♥”I proudly presented Starabella at our First Annual West Coast Disability Pride Parade and Festival, held this past July at Silicon Valley Independent Living Center in San Jose. It did my soul good to see children of various ages and abilities thoroughly enjoying Starry and her journey to a Bright New World.  I’ll be looking for more opportunities to bring Starry’s story of inclusion for all, Tara’s transcendent music, and her sister Dana’s sublime and powerful voice to the wider audience it so richly desrves. The world needs more Starabella!”
Mark F. Romoser, Community Advocate, Silicon Valley Independent Living Center, San Jose, CA

”Starabella brings the reader to a bright new world where there is acceptance of each human being’s differences. This masterpiece of music, artwork and engaging children’s stories will enchant children.”
Judith Omidvarin, Autism Parent/Advocate, Member of the Westchester Autism Advisory Committee, Autism Spectrum News Editorial Board Member

♥”An uplifting story of triumph over adversity. Terrific music both original and inspiring.”
Carey Zuckerman President of the Manhattan Autism Society 

♥”Thought you might like to know that I chose to write a blog that included a link to your Starabella trailer.  In it, I encouraged other parents to check it out, not only because its message is great for everyone to hear, but also to encourage parents to explore ways that they, too, may bring about positive change. Best of luck with your Starabella project. I think you’ve really put together something quite special.”
Nancy Green, Executive Director, Brain Highways Center, www.brainhighways.com 

♥”Feel-good, instructive books that would appeal to any child (with special needs or not) who is learning how to cope with challenges or negative peer perceptions.”
MYMOMSHOPS – click for full review

♥”Greetings to the folks at Starabella,
I want to thank you for the wonderful Starabella books with accompanying CDs for the library at the Benedictine School in Ridgely, MD. Your donation of Starabella products given to Mr. Jeff Moran at the Autism New Jersey Conference this fall is greatly appreciated. The books and CDs do a wonderful job of showing the variety of feelings children experience, including those with special needs (including Autism Spectrum Disorder). The accompanying CDs not only provide greater depth to the storybooks, but the songs are motivational! These star stories are created for the whole family, to brighten up everyone’s world!!   I wish you the best of success with your Starabella products.”
Diana Hastings, School Library Media Specialist, Art Therapist,and School Psychologist.