♥”My class really enjoyed these books especially, “Starabella: Welcome to a Bright New World” which takes place in a classroom. I teach a Regular Ed First Grade and I felt that my children related to Starabella’s difficulties in the classroom. There is no such thing as a perfect classroom and believe me I have quite a few students in my class who really like to bully other students. After reading this book I noticed that my class had changed for the better. Some of the bullying had stopped. I even did a writing lesson after reading the book.

My class seemed fascinated by the beautifully illustrated pictures. One student even said “It seems like the pictures are popping out at you.

As an educator I would highly recommend the Starabella Series. The books teach us many different lessons from empathy to conflict resolution and bullying. I am also a mother of a son who is on the spectrum. I read the books to my son and he really enjoyed them.”
Michelle Polenetsky, First Grade Regular Ed Teacher

♥”I recommend this series to general education classes and special needs classes. For a general education class it would teach empathy, acceptance, and friendship without having to adapt the stories. For special education classes it is a wonderful series for social stories and captivating music plus the stories can also be adapted.”
Nicole Balsome, Special Ed teacher

♥”Hi! I’m writing to let you know that the Satrabella books were fantastic! The students responded well to the music and they really enjoyed looking at the pictures. My students request to hear the stories again and again. I believe the stories are helpful in promoting social sensitivity and were certainly entertaining. The books are wonderful!”
Elizabeth Nachstein, Special Ed Teacher

♥“Based upon a real family and the experiences of their daughter in both social and academic settings, this book is wonderfully and compassionately written… Artwork: Concerning the picture artwork within the book, only one word can sum it up: stellar…Music: The musical pieces are well composed and go along with what is happening in the story… As a special education teacher, the best part for me in this series occurred in Book Three when the replacement behavior is being taught… if you’re a parent of a child with disabilities, primarily autism, purchase this book series. Your child needs to see that they are not alone in their struggles and now has someone to relate to.”
ElementarySpecialEducation.org.  Read the complete review

♥”WOW! I love the books and CDs! The books send a positive message to the kids! I read the 1st book to my class! The kids loved it!!! Starabella is an adorable character whom children can relate to.”
Lindsey Madere, Regular Ed Elementary School Teacher

♥”Wow, Sharon…I’m blown away! To all teachers out there….books with songs really worth engaging your students in. These are the real gifts of learning!!”
Judy Cohen, Special Ed teacher 

♥”Starabella is a wonderful book series that both kept my class engaged and attentive – the fabulous music really got them going – and provided me with a balanced lesson plan for the class. These books can be implemented as a great learning toll that function at a 3-year-old’s developmental level They were a fun experience that class 103 thanks you for.”
Yelena Lobova, Special Ed teacher

♥”We are currently using the Starabella books! We have just read about ‘Starry’s’ first day at school. We did some role plays in the classroom today about helping others who do not understand the directions. It was a good lesson! One student said, “she met new friends, and Starabella showed the friends her dreamland.” Another said, “I like the lullabies and the songs.” Another said, “Starabella was sad and then she smiled because she was proud she could sing.” Another said he “likes that she’s playing the piano.” I have 6 boys in my class so this is very refreshing, fun and different – I think it will help my students develop good social skills while learning about girls at the same time. My class loves the music and songs. We teach academic and social skills through music!”
Martina Lynch, Special Ed teacher

♥”The three Starabella books with CDs are a hit!  An example is an 18 year old student who reads on a kindergarten level loves Princess Fiona, Starbella and Shrek. When I showed her the series of Starbella books—her eyes were like bright stars! We have integrated Starbella into our after-school care and learning program for teens with autism and other Special Needs. Thank you.”
Brenda Wilson, Founder, Ryan Woods Autism Foundation  

♥”Hello. The students in my class were very engaged when listening to the story, Starabella. They loved the songs that were throughout the book. They really enjoyed it and followed along. Most of the students were able to answer the questions at the end of the book with no assistance or props, which was great! The students enjoyed the colorful and descriptive pictures that were detailed in the book. They would comment and ask questions on the different emotions and feelings that were expressed throughout the book, such as sad, happy, scared. My class would love to listen to the story again.”
Special Ed teacher, District 75 New York

♥”This story is about a young girl, Starabella, with extraordinary abilities and musical talent who also happens to have autism. The book is not a traditional read-a-loud book, because you are missing out on the story if you are not listening to the audio CD. We were concerned that the book would be too long to keep our children’s attention. This was not a problem at all. Children enjoyed the story and gained understanding of Starabella’s emotions through her music. This book also encourages understanding and care for others, self-expression and dreaming that fit the mission of our school to create opportunities for people with disabilities to lead independent and fulfilling lives. We strongly recommend this story for our classroom library.”
Classroom 116 team of UCP

♥”We have read the book Starabella in class today. The book is colorful and brilliantly illustrated, so it captured children’s attention immediately. There is also great music and songs that enhanced reading, entertained children and helped to create an atmosphere in which children feel welcomed and comfortable. The story is meaningful and educational. It demonstrated and encourages children how to develop self-confidence, respect others, and share special abilities they have. They brought a wonderful and happy time in our classroom.”
Class 209 UCP

♥”We listened to Book Two of the Starabella series in class today. We liked the circus part the best. Happy music: We were dancing to it. We liked all music: happy, dreamy, scary and sad. It is ok to be sad sometimes. We also understood that it is important to listen to our parents and teachers. They want the best for us, just like Starabella’s mommy. We want to listen and to read more of the Starabella books.”
Special Ed Teacher

♥Michelle Polenetsky, teacher of NYC Pre-K4, P.S. 48 recently did a unit on friendship. She shared Book Three of the Starabella Series, “Starabella: Welcome to a Bright New World,” with her students. The story takes place in a kindergarten classroom. When she asked her students how they would make Starabella feel better when she retreated under a table, these were their sweet, kind responses:BOOK3_Page9

Kevin: “Sorry…and I will be nice with you!!!
”Zuri: “I would say Sorry. Stay and play with me!!!”
Camerin: “ I want to say sorry. Feel better. No more sad!!!”
Jamia: “Please don’t be sad. Be happy. Don’t worry!!!”
Jeremih: “I would want to play with somebody.
”Haylee: “ We have to play with them to make them feel better.
”Raylene: “I would ask them to play with me.
”Melanie: “You need to feel better.”
Eliana: “I will hug somebody to make them feel better.”
Ryan: “I’m sorry to see you sad.”
Ryan: “ I would go over and say I’m sorry that you are sad.

These comments were accompanied by adorable drawings. 

I guess that Starabella is right when she says that “Being a friend brings out the goodness in you.”

By the way, Michelle, “Thanks for being a friend.” Sharon