★It is Oscar-worthy. Wonderful, and what talents.

★I absolutely loved these books! Not only are the stories wonderful and meaningful; full of valuable lessons and adventures, the illustrations are also beautiful. When you accompany a    meaningful, beautifully illustrated story with a CD that is narrated with music it makes the reading adventures come alive.

★Treat the books more like an event than simply something to read.  The whole presentation has been created to be entertaining and fun for the readers, even while they are learning so much!

★Besides being beautifully illustrated, the series is interactive and has a musical element to it. At least with my boys, music resonates with them. Both boys enjoyed the books with and   without the music!!! They remind me a lot of the interactive storybooks that were read when I was in primary school.

★Superb illustrations and lively music drive the narration and story, which makes the Starabella experience both auditory and visual to reach many children of all learning styles and abilities.

★I’ve never experienced anything like the Starabella book series. Experiencing these books appeal to your visual, auditory, and emotional senses.

★Starabella books are unique because you look at the pictures while simultaneously listening to an accompanying CD for each respective book. Many times, I felt like I was watching a show rather than reading a book.

★These books are nothing short of magical.

★After placing the CD in our stereo…the kids sat down with the book in their laps patiently waiting for what was 30 minutes ofradio theater quality production. They were riveted…and so will you and your children as well.

★ The colorful and stunning artwork accompanies the story, which makes the books a truly unique audio and visual experience.

★The music that accompanies the book can be used in tandem with the book or by itself, and children will love learning the words and singing along to their favorite tunes.

★The picture books are in a unique format, using chapters to help break up the passages.

 ★This trilogy is so much more than a child’s storybook. Each book comes with a complete CD Recording, not only of the songs, but the story itself. Having the book read to them and seeing the words and pictures, they will be able to use it as a reading training tool as well…

 ★This book really allowed the impact of the accompanying CD to be made. Not only do we read about the circus, we hear all the sounds, the music, the vendors shouting…

 ★I think your child is going to be just as excited to read about Starabella’s adventures, especially when she can hear the sounds and even learn some new songs!

★They are invited to participate in a game of questions and answers which involve a “MAGIC MIRROR!”

★ They are visually stunning. Very kid appealing.