Autism and Acceptance: The Starabella Book Series

Autism and Acceptance: The Starabella Book Series by Kimberly Scanlon of Scanlon Speech Therapy – Author of “My Toddler Talks”

Unique. Engaging. Heart-Warming. Relevant. Needed.

These are just a few words that come to mind when I think about the exceptional book series, Starabella. 

In honor of Autism awareness month, I’m thrilled to introduce, the story of Starabella to my readers. The Starabella book series was created by the Fialco family with the hope of spreading empathy, acceptance and kindness for those who may be different. Starabella beautifully personifies autism and allows us to enter the world of a young girl with high functioning autism. It creates a visceral reaction of hope and promise. Click here for full review: