Book One

(Starabella at Home)


Mr. and Mrs. Oclaif bring home their baby girl to find she is full of mystery and surprise. They are amazed to see that when she’s happy, her eyes shine like stars! The stars in the evening sky sparkle and dance, seemingly in celebration of her birth. Does Starabella have a special connection to the stars? IT’S A MYSTERY

As Starabella begins to grow up, she is truly the star of her family. Her parents marvel at her extraordinary abilities. But when Starabella’s words get lost somewhere inside her, the Oclaifs are puzzled and very concerned. What has happened to Starabella’s words? IT’S A MYSTERY

When Starabella receives a piano, a gift of love from her grandparents, the Oclaifs discover that she has amazing musical talent. Starabella is now able to express her thoughts and feelings through beautiful music. Where does Starabella’s music come from? IT’S A MYSTERY

Themes include a child with learning differences determined to overcome obstacles by focusing on her abilities; the importance of parental unconditional love; acceptance of one’s uniqueness.

Children form empathy for Starabella’s challenges, are uplifted by her hopeful music, and are inspired by her determination.


☆ Accompanying audio CD

☆ Eight original musical numbers in a wide range of styles

☆ Full narration underscored with music

☆Action punctuated by sound effects; thoughts and ideas

    highlighted with song

☆Colorful, expressive illustrations with captions to help listener follow along with the story