Book Two

(Starabella in the Community)


Like ‘Starry,’ imagine you are a trapeze artist soaring above a cheering crowd to her musical interpretation of the exciting circus. Laugh aloud with her as she makes up funny music, complete with outrageous sound effects, while watching the silly antics of the clowns.

Yes, our heroine Starabella has a terrific time at her first circus, but when she has unexpected reactions to the bright lights and loud music, her feelings get all jumbled up inside her. She tantrums. Mommy and Daddy wonder: should they stay or should they leave?

To make sense of her emotions, Starabella turns to her beloved piano and composes music that expresses her feelings one at a time—from happy…to dreamy…to scared…to sad…then back to happy again. Can you hear them all as you listen?

Our determined heroine is not to be discouraged for long. Just look at her in acrobatics class! Inspired by the determination and abilities she observed in the circus performers, ‘Starry’ strives to turn one of her own DREAMS into REALITY. Will she do it? Did she follow the safety rules?

Find out as you join the Oclaif family dancing and singing to “TA-DA!” in their celebration of triumph over adversity. Recognizing her unique talents and abilities, Mommy and Daddy realize that the most important thing is for Starabella to BELIEVE IN HERSELF.

Themes include: Community expectations for appropriate behaviors, conformity and following the rules; striving to reach one’s own unique goals; sensory issues; safety issues; parents’ confusion about how to react to the unexpected; letting your child know that you love them just the way they are.



☆Accompanying audio CD

☆Six original musical numbers in a wide range of styles

☆Full narration underscored with music

☆Action punctuated by sound effects; thoughts and ideas

highlighted with song

☆Colorful, expressive illustrations with captions to help listeners

follow along sith the story