Selected Past Events

Starabella parties, including DVDs of the books, interactive live entertainment with music, arts and crafts and face painting were held at three separate events at the JCC in Manhattan, New York, NY

The “Starabella” books were exhibited at many conferences including the following:

  • Framing the Future, Trenton, NJ
  • The 29th Annual Autism New Jersey Conference, Atlantic City, NJ
  • The Brooklyn Book Festival, in Brooklyn, NY
  • YAI International Conference for People with Special Needs held at the Hilton Hotel, New York, NY
  • Mount Sinai School of Medicine Autism Conference held at the Seaver Autism Center, New York, NY
  • Westchester ARC Family Resource Fair, Hawthorne, NY
  • The Brooklyn Developmental Disabilities Council’s 22nd Annual Family Support Fair
  • Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY
  • NYC Department of Education District 75 annual EPIC Parent Conference, Applauding parents as Partners, Battery Park, NJ
  • NYC CCR&R, Family Resource Days 2012 (Manhattan, Staten Island, Bronx, Brooklyn)

November 15, 2013, Sharing Starabella with the adorable children at the PX10 Fall Ball in the Bronx, NY.
Marvin, Sharon and Dana had a delightful time meeting the children at public school P10X. The children’s interest in the stories reinforced our belief that children relate to Starabella and her everyday experiences. Their delight in the colorful illustrations pleased us as well. Many parents bought the books for their children to enjoy at home. The Starabella stories speak to the good voice in all children that allows them to feel empathy and make positive social choices, rather than turning to bullying, discrimination, and following the loudest voice in the crowd. Based on the music and experiences of a little girl with autism, Starabella provides an unconventional heroine for all children.