Contributors’ Bios

As contributors to the Starabella series, we have all come to the place where our paths meet in HARMONY.

Tara Fialco
Tara earned a certificate in early Childhood Education from Honolulu Community College. Tara’s musical compositions provided the seed from which everyone else’s creativity grew. The Starabella stories are based on her music and vision of a Bright New World.

Tara composed the music and wrote many of the lyrics for the musical numbers presented from Starabella’s point of view—17 in all. She played the piano and keyboard for all of these songs. Many of the underscoring lines were also taken from tracks of her performances.

Faced with autism, Tara used music to create a world that was much more accepting than the one she had to face each day. It took courage for Tara to revisit the experiences of her childhood so that other children who are on the periphery of the circle of social acceptance will know they are not alone. She wants them to have the courage to keep their dreams alive and for ALL children to work together to create a world of HARMONY.

Dana Alexandra Fialco
Dana is a graduate of Punahou School in Honolulu and Brown University. Dana, a talented actress/singer has been singing, performing, and writing her entire life. She has most recently turned her attention to creating and performing original works. Her recent re-release of the song, “A New Beginning,” which she wrote with her sister Tara, reached #8 on the FMQB AC Chart and is currently being played on inspirational radio stations across America.

Dana facilitated many aspects of the Starabella production. She collaborated with Joe Vulpis, the music producer, on much of the underscoring and background harmonies for the songs. She also provided invaluable editing of the scripts.

Dana’s talents are multifaceted, and her performance on the Starabella CDs sparkles. As the stories’ narrator, she created distinctly unique personalities and voices for 13 characters. She sang most of the songs in the stories. She composed and wrote the music and lyrics for four original songs performed in the series. The tenderness of her performance reflects her empathy for the characters.

Sharon Fialco
Sharon Fialco received a degree in medical technology, and worked in cancer research for Washington University. Based in New York, Sharon had been Tara’s “study-buddy” from kindergarten through Tara’s earning a certificate in Early Childhood Education. Sharon became inspired to write interactive, educational shows for children incorporating Tara’s music. Tara performed these shows extensively throughout Honolulu schools, day programs and after school programs. Sharon directed the Starabella project, wrote the stories, designed much of the character’s clothes, produced the Starabella series and together with her husband Marvin, published the Starabella series. This project has enhanced her life with special meaning and purpose.

J. Marvin Fialco
Marvin is a graduate of the Harvard Business School and Brown University. He was president of Hawaiian King Candies in Honolulu, HI, for 30 years. Marvin’s belief in the value of this project for individuals and society as a whole provided the Fialco Family with the confidence to turn their family’s dream into reality. He provided counsel and feedback every step of the way. Without his practical and emotional support, this project would not have been possible.