Soundtrack Credits

 Tara Fialco, Joe Vulpis
Keyboards: Tara Fialo, Joe Vulpis, Daniel Lapidus
Guitars: Tony Di Lullo Dave Keyes, Oz Noy, Bernie Minoso
Drums: Larry Steppler
Saxophones: Daniel Lapidus, Mark Fineberg

Dana Fialco: Lead vocals and background vocals for all songs, singing the parts of Starabella, Baby Starry, Mrs. Oclaif, Julian, Malia, Elizabeth, Emilio, Josh, Jeremy, Tomiko, Zandrina, and Lifisha.
Matt Castle: Lead vocals and background vocals for Mr. Oclaif, singing “Welcome to Our House,” “It’s a Mystery,” “Determination,” and “TA-DA!”
Gia Williams: Lead vocals and background vocals for Miss Maradise,singing “Hello. Glad to Meet You, How do You Do?” Additional background vocals sung by Dana Fialco.
Follow me Reprise with Kids’ Chorus: 
Voice of Kids’ Chorus Director: Joe Vulpis
Vocal Performances for All of the Kids: Dana Fialco

Produced by: Joe Vulpis
Additional Engineering: Peter Francovilla