Get to Know the Fialco Family

Get to Know the Fialco Family and Learn Why They Came Together to Produce the Starabella Narrated Musical Picture Books of Acceptance The Power of Song Sends Strength to Us All

How One Family’s Harmony is Teaching Social Sensitivity to the Youngest Kids One Word at a Time

*The following story is a reprint of a news story by Lorey Friedman

This is a story of hope, endurance and determination. A non- fictional tale of a family sustained by love, working together, united in harmony, producing beautiful music and using Gd’s challenges and special gifts in ways they never thought was imaginable. The distinguished, nominated, award winning, popular book series entitled Starabella (notice the name Tara in the middle) is a unique family project where mother, father and sisters use their individual talents to achieve one goal. Starabella mirrors the aspirations of the Fialco family of Forest Hills, NY which is for all people to achieve social sensitivity.