Cast of Characters

Kindergarten Starabella

Our story’s heroine. Determined little girl with learning differences who expresses her thoughts and feelings through music. When she’s happy, her eyes shine like stars. She becomes a kindergarten rock star and leads us all to the BRIGHT NEW WORLD of her dreams.

Mr. and Mrs. Oclaif

Starabella’s proud and loving parents.



Baby Sunshine

Starabella’s baby sister, whose smile lights up the world.




Super-enthusiastic classmate who learns that even kids who seem “different” make great friends.



Friendly classmate who finds himself pulled two ways in a three-way relationship. He wants everyone to “just get along.”



Independent-minded classmate who overcomes her shyness to make a new friend.



What might be different about Jeremy? Classmate who becomes the target of senseless harassment but discovers it feels good to be able to forgive. His physical features are hidden to open the subject of differences to discussion.

Miss Maradise

Starabella’s wise and caring kindergarten teacher.




The class bully.




Sweet, pretty classmate who becomes the object of envy but gains a new friend.



Classmate who experiences feelings of jealousy before discovering both her inner and outer beauty.



Charming, exuberant classmate who uses a wheelchair. She discovers the leader within.



Friendly, supportive classmate who speaks her mind and helps lead the way to the BRIGHT NEW WORLD.


Boom Boom

Classroom bunny who hops playfully about, makes us laugh, and is everybody’s friend.


Friendly Star

This star connects Starabella to GOODNESS in the universe and surrounds her with magical, glittery sparkle.