Book Three

(Starabellla at school)


Starabella, little girl with learning differences whose eyes shine like stars when she is happy, begins her first day of kindergarten. She meets her teacher and her fellow classmates—a lively group of children of varying cultures, ethnicities, abilities, challenges, attitudes, and dreams.

Although happy in their wondrous new classroom, sometimes the children are faced with social dilemmas. When Starabella becomes the object of bullying, she retreats under a table and looks out. She observes the social predicaments of her fellow classmates. She shares her musical vision of a friendlier world singing, “Welcome to a Bright New World.”  Inspired by her beautiful dreamland, readers are asked to make friendly social choices to help Starabella’s classmates get to this world.

Share in their wonder as Starabella, through her special connection to the stars, and the goodness inside her, transforms into a kindergarten rock star! Singing, “Follow Me,” she leads her classmates and readers to a magical, musical world of empathy, acceptance of others, and acceptance of self. There, children play and get along and are accepted for exactly who they are.

This story shows a child, with the help of a supportive environment, able to assume a leadership role based upon her strengths, vision and determination. She sets an admirable example that inspires other children to live up to their greatest potential. Starabella is embraced as a superheroine who empowers ALL CHILDREN.

Themes include believing in yourself, believing in the potential goodness in others, the benefits of diversity and inclusion; turning dreams into reality, the power of music to create EMPATHY.



☆ Accompanying audio CD; audio also digitally available

☆ Eleven original musical numbers in a wide range of styles

☆ Full narration underscored with music

☆Action punctuated by sound effects; thoughts and ideas

    highlighted with song

☆Colorful, expressive illustrations with captions to help listeners

     follow along with the story